WOW! Can I just say, WOW! The response to the Neighborhood Bake Sale has been so amazing! I am blown away by how quickly the community has come together for some good eats for a great cause.

Huntsville, I hope you’re hungry, I’ve gotten responses from about 20 home bakers bringing multiple items from cookies, to cupcakes, to pies, cake pops, brownies, puff pastry, “Rice Cereal” treats… you name it, we’ll probably have it.

Here’s a sneak peak at my booze filled Cinco De Mayo themed cake pops snuggled in their icy bed, just WAITING for some hung over Cinco De Mayo partier to devour. Our your mom. (Cause Mother’s Day is coming up. Not because your mom likes to party. But I’m certainly not here to judge.)


Viva La Bake Sale!

Before I sign off and become a flour covered, chocolate coated, icing piping, cookie rolling, Baine Marie monitoring fiend, here’s some important info on how you can participate in the Bake Sale:

For my lovely, giving, gracious bakers:

  • Drop off begins at 11:00, and it would be super helpful if all items could be dropped off by 11:30.
  • I suggest packaging items in quantities of 6 or 12. If you have an odd amount, bring extras in a baggy and we’ll have a “platter” where people who only want to buy one or two cookies/brownies/cupcakes can do so. This makes it easier to coordinate “suggested donations” in a way that is consistent. If you can’t do that with your item for whatever reason. Don’t panick. No big deal.
  • Please label your packaged items with your name, item, and quantity. If you have used an ingredient that is a common allergen (peanuts, treenuts, nut butters, or berries) please indicate on the package. An example would be “Aunt Gee’s favorite Nutella cookies! (contains hazelnut spread) 6″ But do feel free to get creative with names!
  • When you drop off, please be sure to sign the “Baker’s” sheet so that we can follow up with you after the sale to let you the donations that were generated.
  • Don’t sweat it if you don’t have “tags” we’ll have post its and tape.
  • We will hand out “receipts” for all baked goods. Ideally, we’ll get you a copy of donations your goods generate.


For any hungry, sweet-toothed attendees:

  • Thank you for your donation!
  • You can pay in cash or check. Check should be made out to the Red Cross
  • You will get a receipt from my receipt book. I have no idea if that is tax deductible, but we can forward you a copy of the donation made to Red Cross, so it might be worth a try.
  • We will have a sign up sheet for you as well, so we can follow up with you to let you know how much we managed to raise!


That just about does it! Y’all, this is going to be so much fun and it’s because YOU have made it that way. Alright. Off to the kitchen I go. I’ll see you all tomorrow from 12:00 – 2:00pm at 703 Ward Ave (across from Star Market) in Five Points. Come Hungry!!!!


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