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On March 6, 2013 By

I was raised primarily in the south, in an Italian family. Well, my mother is Italian. My dad looks very not Italian – blond hair, blue eyes… like me. Like me, minus the nose. I had to have something to maintain my Italian “street cred”, or secure a place on “Jersey Shore” maybe. Needless to [...]

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On October 25, 2012 By

I could tell you where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing. I could make a thousand excuses. But if we’re being honest, you don’t care to know and I don’t care to tell you. You came here to see cakes, cookies, and pies…AND SEE THEM YOU SHALL. So, here’s a year in my kitchen. [...]

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We’ve all had rough weeks. Frankly, by 3PM on Thursday I was ready to crawl inside a tequila bottle. I told myself, if I can just make it through Friday I will have definitely earned a tall stiff drink. Or 5. However, Friday at 7 PM I realized we were out of desserp and this [...]

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I actually did some baking today that was largely successful! Before I get into details, I have two big “thank you’s” to share. 1.) THANK YOU to the army of bakers who are opening their hearts, pantries, and ovens to bake goods for the Neighborhood Bake Sale this weekend! YOU are going to make this [...]

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