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On October 25, 2012 By

I could tell you where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing. I could make a thousand excuses. But if we’re being honest, you don’t care to know and I don’t care to tell you. You came here to see cakes, cookies, and pies…AND SEE THEM YOU SHALL. So, here’s a year in my kitchen. [...]

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When I was younger, Thanksgiving was a wonderful time where you didn’t do anything of note all week in school, save crafting Indian garb (we were taught “Indian”, not “Native American”…I’m really dating myself here) out of paper grocery bags, until finally you arrived at the big day only to find yourself  impatiently waiting through [...]

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Brunch at Cafe Au Gee

On July 29, 2011 By

  Bonjour! Welcome to Cafe Au Gee. A little slice of Americanized Paris in…New Market, AL. Please, come on in and make yourself at home. Our very own four legged host will escort you to le dining table when brunch is served. (If Max can lead you to anything…it’s food.) At Cafe Au Gee, we [...]

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I was tired. Tired of being laid up with my back (I popped a rib head out), tired of feeling helpless, and tired of feeling powerless (both literally and figuratively). I was frustrated that I couldn’t help physically, and simply giving a donation of what little I could afford didn’t feel like enough. I guess [...]

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