I could tell you where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing. I could make a thousand excuses. But if we’re being honest, you don’t care to know and I don’t care to tell you. You came here to see cakes, cookies, and pies…AND SEE THEM YOU SHALL.

So, here’s a year in my kitchen. I last left you in November with some Thanksgiving treats that are sure to impress ALL of your family(s).

I LOVE that pic of the boys. Betcha can’t guess which one is the “Whirling Dervish”

December is an incredibly busy time in Aunt Gee’s kitchen. Poodle cookies do NOT make themselves and as you may or may not realize, Santa Clause actually will not arrive unless you leave him star cookies.

(Can you imagine having 5 children, and the youngest comes to you on Christmas Eve sobbing because, “Daddy said Santa won’t come if there’s no star cookies!!!” My grandma stayed up all night rolling, and cursing those *#&$* star cookies!)

I can’t say for sure if it’s this family story that provided the inspiration, or the holiday stress in general, but as you can see I’ve decided my “Ginger People” are not ALL happy. It doesn’t make sense for them ALL to be happy ALL of the time, does it?

  Spring 2012 brought a slew of bake sales! Which, as you know, Aunt Gee cannot resist. Spring also starts the year of family birthdays. They just time out to at least one a month from spring until November.

Nothing says “Love” like a box full of sugar!


Events Galore!

Spring and summer presented some FANTASTIC events! I got to provide a few gluten free treats for BluHealing Spa’s 2nd Birthday Party! FYI, they are an amazing group of talented massage therapists and believe me, if they can work through MY knotted shoulders…they can work through ANYTHING (even Dude’s tendency to talk during his whole massage…)

I also got to surprise Dude’s Uncle John with some neat “golf themed” gluten free cupcakes to celebrate his retirement. It’s always fun to surprise people who aren’t partial to surprises. The reaction is a mixture of disgust with a sprinkle of joy.

Then, Megatron turned 1. Yes. I baked for the cutest transformer known to man. And his cupcakes were pretty cute too.

Side note: I also had a kidney stone at some point before, during or after these events. If you have never had a kidney stone, I highly recommend that you keep it that way. Y’all, I didn’t consume any alcohol for three weeks after that ordeal due to the recommended diet. THAT’S HOW BADLY IT HURTS. I’m also convinced that the entire Mexican restaurant we frequent thought I was pregnant after noting the absence of “margarita” on my bill.

As the summer came to a close, I got married. And I assure you I consumed PLENTY of alcohol so it was not a traditional “shot gun” wedding. It was more of a “We’re not the type to spend money on an actual wedding” wedding, and I have to say the end result could not have been more perfect. We went on a LOVELY week long honeymoon to Destin, FL and I returned to a new job, a new last name, and a new life.

Also, bluberries went on sale. As for right now? Apples are coming into season, and life is back to “normal” (as normal as it ever was, at least.) OH and the Whirling Dervish turned 6. (Still can’t be captured on camera though.)

Holy yellow CAKE Batman!


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