I was tired. Tired of being laid up with my back (I popped a rib head out), tired of feeling helpless, and tired of feeling powerless (both literally and figuratively). I was frustrated that I couldn’t help physically, and simply giving a donation of what little I could afford didn’t feel like enough. I guess I just wanted to DO something.

Yours truly channeling "Vanna"

As it turns out, I wasn’t alone. The support was OVERWHELMING! I never realized how many closeted bakers we had in Huntsville. I think we had 11 bakers donate baked goods, many also bringing things prepared by coworkers, family members or neighbors. Everyone wanted to help. And those that can’t or don’t bake bought stuff!



Alright, I might have some pics for those who missed out….





Lots of Krispies from Barbara


We had a slew of rice krispy treats from the lovely Barbara and fam. You can also see some of Tara’s Nom Nom brownies in the blue containers there.






Cookie Land! Thanks to Ms Dragon, Sandy, Angie and many more!


“Cookie land”! A million “thank you’s” to¬† Mrs. Dragon, Angie, Sandy and many others who made cookie land a reality! Look at this!!!!! I’m sorry, you cannot tell me you are not salivating right now looking at this.





Everybody loves a cupcake!

“Cupcake Cove”, pre sale. See those beautiful chrysanthemum cupcakes? Those would be none other than EB’s Cutie Cakes! (As I can personally attest, they taste as good as they look.) That big box? That would be 1 dozen cupcakes from Bliss Bowman, who also did a wonderful write up prior to the event. Yeah, that box didn’t last long. Also, two packages of “Whoopie Pies” by Megan!



Nom Nom Nation

This is “Nom Nom Nation”, featuring my brother in law‘s award winning “Slap Yo Mama Fudge” (in the blue and red bags). We also had 4 dozen cupcakes and nom nom brownies of all kinds from the unstoppable Ms. Tara and her small accomplice, Rayne. (FYI, Rayne will “play you like a fiddle” and then tell you about it.)



Larkin Grant was a HUGE winner for managing media (social and other) prior to and during the event. As well as just being a fantastic sounding board. “Cam I Am” was also a pie baking BEAST (but her fresh baked pies sold before I got a pic). She cranked them out like a champ. I am immensely proud of Dude for besting the Nutella Smooches, finding his inner “haggle”, and doing the maths, which I cannot do. Thank you to the firm for opening it’s doors and allowing us use of the space!!!!!!

Dude Taking Donations


Mostly, thanks to everyone who came and donated!!! You helped us raise $1,313.00 for the Red Cross!!!!!!! Who knew a little bake sale could generate such a sizable donation? We took left over goodies to the Red Cross along with the $$$. Needless to say, their jaws just about hit the floor when we told them how much our Neighborhood Bake Sale! raised! We took another box of leftovers to First Baptist Church, as they have been a focal point for volunteer coordination for relief efforts.

As amazing as this all is, we’ve still got a long long road to recovery. The Neighborhood Bake Sale! may have ended, but the recovery continues. The amount of work to be done to rebuild these homes and heal our community seems overwhelming. I think in some small way, our bake sale parallels the relief effort. Day by day, brick by brick, one cookie at a time we will rebuild and recover. If my lovely readers take away anything from my blog, I hope it’s this: NEVER underestimate the power of a cupcake.

Larkin pushing cupcakes via FB & Twitter


5 Responses to One Cupcake and Cookie at a Time

  1. Aunt Gee says:

    Ugh! That is at least the second pic someone tried to send me via text that I didn’t get! (Maybe I need to update my iPhone?) I hate that I didn’t get a pic, but seriously these people walked up off the street, realized it was hot, and were all about some strawberry pie! (who wouldn’t be) and the minis were too cute to resist.

    I also forgot to put up pics of Zoot’s cake poppers. So I think I’ll have to do some skulking to see what I can find and repost. :)

  2. Courtney says:

    I SO wish I had been able to participate…in the eating I mean. I do love to bake but I REALLY love to eat.

    • Aunt Gee says:

      I’ve been toying with doing another one to benefit pediatric cancer research/treatment in some way. I’ll be sure to let you know if/when I square away the details!

  3. Harold says:

    How in the world did I miss this? I should have smelled this from miles away…

    So have you tried Gigi’s Cupcakes yet? It’s near/in Five Points. One of these days I’m gonna get my cupcake on at Gigi’s…unless, of course, I can get ahold of some of your cakes!

    By the way, I make a mean chocolate chip brownie cookie.

    • Aunt Gee says:

      Home made cupcakes will win out to Gigi’s every time, even if it’s just a boxed mix IMHO. :)

      You have piqued my interest! A “chocolate chip brownie – cookie”? I hope you realize you’ve just volunteered for the next bake sale, whenever it may be. :)

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